Fanarts and Comic Strips

Last updated- February 3rd, 2013

Stuff I've been drawing from things I enjoy

Black Widow Peach (2012)
Master Race (2012)
Champions of Reason (2012)

Zapp Brannigan and Amy Wong (2012)

Princess Peach (2012)
Spy, Team Fortress 2 (2012)
Soldier, Team Fortress 2 (2011)
Pyro, Team Fortress 2 (2012)
Soldier, Team Fortress 2 (2011)
Sniper, Team Fortress 2 (2011)
Demoman, Team Fortress 2 (2011)
Samus (2011)
Meg, Family Guy (2010)
Bender and Fry (2009)
Amy Wong (2009)
Amy Wong (2009)
Leela (2009)
Amy Wong (2009)
Mario (2010)
Princess Peach (2009)
Princess Toadstool (2009)
Samus (2009)
Mario (2006)
Toad (2006)
Black Widow Peach (2006)
Koopa Troopa (2006)
Tier 3 Priests, WoW (2007)
Baneling, Starcraft 2 (2010)
Homura, MaMaMa (2011)
Kanye West, South Park (2009)
Penny, Inspector Gadget (2009)
Gnome Mage, World of Warcraft (2008)
Gnome Rogue, WoW (2006)
Whitemane, WoW (2007)

Comic Strips
Collection of random jokes, humor and occasional offensiveness.

NRA discusses video games
We've all seen things.

Things get a little freaky with Demoman's staring
Engineer finds his ability to be a curse than a gift
Mario finds the princess, just not in the way he wants.
You had one friend, you killed her, and now you're alone.
Saejin eats his own words years later 
Dory teaches a little lesson about children
Go back to the future, they said
You know the A.I. is cheating when..
The real men behind the powerful
Sweet little jamming session among friends
She is secretly jealous but won't say
Not 5 minutes later they were found dead
When you run out of something else
Nerds get all the girls in manga
Because it's a serious business
Once too many breaks the camel's back
That's not what I was thinking
They're always the first when it's someone else
In a factory in china things get busy
Not the brightest idea Aliens have had
When it is, you'll know
An unexpected enemy
Chicks dig blings
Typical manga occurrence
Grand Master Nerd
Too close for comfort
Draw Muhammad day
Religious logic vs conventional logic
Double entendre
All speak, no substance
Deadliest weapon of all