Black Widow Peach

Something fun for all ages. Click here for larger pic.

As with most of my work, this one's been brewing for quite some time and I recently decided to tackle it.

Click below to read the full story behind the piece.

The idea for this piece began 6 years ago with a series of unique fanart sketches.

It was sort of 'what if X was drawn realistically?' style of art, which was a genre of fanart just starting to blossom at the time. I gave my take on Peach and gave her a dark little twist, with goth dress and all.

At one point, I even developed a full pledged fanfic comic based on the same concept, which quickly fell apart because as I've wrote recently, drawing a comic is a massive commitment, and it's hard as fuck. The story was going to be sweet. Revenge epic and all. But then again, I was pretty much incapable of pulling off such feat.

Anyways, I was rather fond of the sketch and decided to develop it further.

But at the time, my painting skill was pretty much hit-or-miss. I felt I lost direction after about half an hour and gave up on it.

Fast forward 6 years and I felt bit more confident, attempting to finish the piece again. If you've been reading my blog, you know I keep stuff around for later. Even the stuff I finished, so I can finish them again later. (wat)

...but then got lost again, which took me few more month to solidify the concept and what I wanted to do with the piece.

Fast forward few months again and I finally nailed the concept, incorporating many of the element from the story I previously developed (but never made). I gave the piece a whole gang-war vibe and I felt it worked quite well.

And so after 6 years (and 2 months and 9 days), the piece finally saw its own end. Good for you, Peach.

That is all. Back to working on the comic for me.